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I’m Ready For Spring


Spring may only be weeks away

Yet it feels like winter is here to stay

I’m trying to be happy about this snowy season

But I’m having difficulty finding even one reason


The cold air makes my skin so very dry

It’s become cracked & so painful that I want to cry

I got my snow on Christmas Day

Now I beg of you winter, please go away


I slip on the ice, my body feels frozen, & the roads become slick

Not to mention that this when it’s the easiest for me to get sick

The sun doesn’t come out nearly enough to play

Causing me to feel more tired, depressed, & resentful of these skies of gray


I know there’s always a rhyme and a reason for each season

But my body has declared that winter’s long stay is treason

Spring, oh where for art thou, won’t you come home?

So that upon green grass & beautiful flowers I might roam


I want to see the season of rebirth, feel the joy of life anew

To sit beneath a tree with its leaves of green, drinking iced tea & eating honeydew

Bask in the sun as we walk our puppy so that she may play in it all day

For your swift return oh spring, I do humbly pray


No I am not going to move far far away

For there are reasons I feel the need to stay

And don’t tell me not to complain about the cold

Surely you know I won’t then do as I’m told


It’s true that then when summer makes its debut

And the days become too hot & humid, I’ll complain about that too

But that’s only because the extreme either way takes its toll on my body

Though when all is said and done, I really do appreciate all of nature’s beauty


The snow, the ice, the changing of the leaves, the sun, the wind, & the rain

They’re all needed, it’s just that after awhile, each can become a pain

And right now, that is what winter has become to me

A pain for my skin, my lungs, my joints, most especially my back & knees


I know that you have your place winter, that there’s a reason you exist

But, it’s nearly your time to go, of this I strongly insist

Let my body thaw, mind rejuvenate, and heart rejoice

In the coming of spring’s most wondrous & melodious voice

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Comments on: "I’m Ready For Spring" (4)

  1. You are not alone on this one:-)

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